Usage Limitations

Usage of the Poppulo API is subject to fair use limitations. We recommend that you do not issue more than 1,0001 requests per hour, and such high frequency should be avoided if possible. Excessive API use can result in access being throttled, or in extreme cases, access being denied. This is necessary so we can provide access to all our API users.

Usage considerations

If your application is a non-interactive batch program, please consider scheduling it during the night (GMT timezone).

If you are designing an application that needs to make high levels of requests, please contact our Support Team to discuss how best to implement this. A common example would be subscriber synchronisation, which can be efficiently handled using Subscriber Import Jobs rather than making many calls to create and update individual subscriber records.


When we detect an application is using lots of our resources, we may issue error responses. These responses will have HTTP status 503. There will be a Retry-After header which indicates the number of seconds to wait before issuing another call. Failure to respect this header can result in more aggressive limiting.

See other:

1. Current limit, subject to change at any time

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