A "permission" is what a subscriber must consent to in order to be sent an email. In many cases, an account will have a single permission indicating that a subscriber has opted into receiving content from your organisation. In some cases, accounts will have more than one permission. This indicates that there are groups of distinct content, such that a subscriber might have opted in to some of the content but not all of it.

A permission can be associated with many publications, and a publication can be associated with many permissions. Generally the association is simpler, one permission is shared exclusively by multiple publications or one publication is exclusively associated with a single permission.

Subscribers who have opted out of a permission will not be sent emails from publications associated with this permission.


Field name Description Type/Allowed values
name The permission's name Text
description A description of the permission Text


<permission uri="">
    <name>My Newsletter</name>
    <description>My Newsletter</description>
        title="Permission (My Newsletter) Publications"/>
        title="Permission (My Newsletter) Subscribers"/>

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