Tags are lightweight ways of grouping subscribers. For example, one might want to send some content to subscribers who open lots of emails, or inversely those who open few emails. One way to do this is to use the Poppulo reporting to identify such subscribers, and then tag them as "Engaged" or "Unengaged". Once the appropriate content has been prepared, it can be sent to the subscribers identified by this tag.

Of particular note are "test" tags. These tags were used to identify groups of test subscribers. This functionality has been deprecated in favour of Reviewer Groups.


Field name Description Type/Allowed values
name The tag's name Text
description A description of the tag Text
test Indicates if this tag identifies a tester group (deprecated) Boolean


<tag name="All Testers" uri="https://api.newsweaver.com/v2/example-account/tag/All%20Testers">
        title="Subscribers tagged with (All Testers)"/>

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