When a Poppulo email is sent, a mini-website called a microsite is generated. This contains backing pages for articles and other content.

Test and Live microsites

Test microsites are generated when issues are sent for test or review. Such microsites are not made available to your subscriber list. Test versions are marked with a banner. Do not publish links to your test versions.

Live microsites are created or updated whenever you do a non-test send. There is only a single Live microsite for a given issue. This means that if you send the same issue multiple times, subscribers who click on the email will be brought to the same microsite.

Advantages to customers

This microsite enables enhanced reporting on the popularity of newletter content. It can go far beyond the limitations of some email clients, allowing richer HTML to be used.

Advantages to subscribers

It allows dynamic behaviour, such as article comments and rating articles. It means the articles in the email can be short, with the full story hosted on our back pages.

Other advantages

The newsletter can be much bigger than the email, enabling hosted videos and documents without necessitating sending massive, multi-megabyte emails. It also allows the newsletter to be shared socially via a link.

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